Miami, a public art collection.

Miami is a multicultural hot spot. It’s no wonder why it has become a city that attracts artists, collectors and fairs. Today, it might be one of the most important art cities in the US. Besides the hundreds of feet of walls filled with art, Miami hosts the most important modern and contemporary art fair in the world: Art Basel Miami Beach.

Since 2002, this event has been the pulse of art development in the city. Attracting around 50,000 visitors every year, from wealthy art collectors to bohemian folk to intellectuals from all around the world.

The Design District in Wynwood, just 15 minutes from Brickell, is one clear example of how art has “built the new Miami”. This neighborhood has had a surprisingly positive transformation in the past 5 years. From being a warehouse district in decay to becoming one of the hottest and most entertaining spots in the city. Back in 2003, real estate visionary Tony Goldman realized the potential of this area and started a project to open restaurants, bars and galleries. The facade of this neighborhood is an outdoor museum. The big walls are the perfect canvas for many of the most renowned graffiti artists in the world.

With Art Basel, The Wynwood Walls, the Perez Art Museum and even the opening of important private art collections, it’s safe to say that Art is part of Miami’s DNA nowadays.

If you want to experience a special artistic moment in Miami, just drive through Wynwood, visit the PAMM or visit one of these private collections: The Margulies Collection, The De La Cruz Collection, Rubell Family Art Collection.



How do you improve a simple space? You bring art to it!

Before any real estate project is built, there’s a timeframe where the outside fence and landscape is only attractive in the eyes of architects and engineers. So, we decided to do something as unique as the project: an art wall.

Instead of covering the fence by a typical conventional piece of advertising, we came up with the idea of bringing a piece of the art that you see in Wynwood to Brickell.

We selected 3 talented artists and asked them to make a very special piece where they merge their art. This piece, if it makes it through the rain and construction, will be cut in pieces and given to each of the proud owners at cassa brickell.




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